About the Band Members


Chris Turner

Born into a musical family in London, England, Chris Turner learned harmonica and recorder as a child. He has been playing professionally since 1967 working in a variety of idioms including folk, rock, blues, jazz, country, early and avant-garde music. 

In the early 1970’s, Chris studied composition with Christopher Small and improvisation with John Stevens. In 1975, Chris was recognized for his virtuosity when he was awarded the European Harmonica Championship. He has performed as a soloist for the Rhode Island Philharmonic presenting two fully orchestrated pieces by Paul Nelson. 

Chris has toured with numerous professional bands and appears on many recordings. He has worked extensively as a composer, music director, and arranger for various theatrical organizations including Rhode Island’s prestigious Trinity Repertory Company, as well as for films, animations, radio and t.v. Besides a variety of harmonicas, Chris is also proficient on flutes, bagpipes, brass, and synthesizers.

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Rachel Maloney

Born deep in the heart of Appalachia, Rachel Maloney’s love of fiddle music developed at an early age. Later, living in North Carolina, her repertoire continued to grow, remaining predominantly Appalachian and country blues.

Rachel attended the Royal College of Art in London, England, where her tastes greatly widened with the discovery of music from Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, and the Shetlands. Her subsequent travels throughout West Africa further expanded her musical horizons.

Rachel has performed, lectured, led workshops, recorded, written and arranged music for the theater. In 1987, Rachel was offered a position as performer, composer and actor at Trinity Repertory Company in Providence, RI.  She remained as a house musician for 23 years.

Currently she teaches both at music camps and privately and continues touring with a variety of artists.

In addition to fiddle, Rachel plays bass harmonica, melodeon, and psaltery.

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Ted Porter

Ted Porter is chronically infected with the “music bug”. After a brief bout with upright bass, Ted took to the mandolin.

Ted is a third generation Orangeman-American and devotee of unpopular musics of all kinds. Ted has written and collected tons of tunes from his travels in Great Britain, Italy and France. There, he busked the subway stops and markets, and joined and learned from the street bands and free-jazz scare of the ’70s.

Ted is an original member of The Nee Ningy Band from their touring days of 1978-1983. He currently lives in Hyattsville, MD, where is also performs with Big Blow and The Bushwackers and the DC Droners.





David DiGiuseppe

David DiGiuseppe is a multi-faceted performer who has been playing professionally since 1978. A nationally recognized accordionist, David is known for his fiery and emotive playing, and is equally at home performing Irish tunes in a pub, French musettes in a cabaret, contra or Cajun music for a dance, or in the intimate setting of a concert hall.

David performs solo and with numerous bands. He also plays for contra dances throughout the US with his bands FootLoose and Contrazz.

As a singer and storyteller, DiGiuseppe presents fun and informative family and educational concerts for schools, museums, libraries, etc. In addition to accordion, he plays mandolin, banjo, Irish cittern, Appalachian dulcimer, guitar and concertina.

David has released three recordings showcasing his playing on music from Celtic, Parisian, and American traditions. He is also featured on many releases with his bands, and appears on numerous CDs backing other musicians. 

David has written two extensive collections of traditional tunes arranged for accordion published by Mel Bay Publications. His third and newest book is entitled The Mighty Accordion—The Complete Guide to Mastering Left Hand Bass/Chord Patterns.

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